Welcome to Vegan Nepal

Namaste, my name is Babita and cooking is my first love. I was born & raised in Nepal. I am an ardent entrepreneur focused on plant-based enterprises that also promote & progress my cultural heritage through my company Vegan Nepal. My love of visual arts sent me to study graphic design in the United States over a decade ago to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts from St. Cloud University, Minnesota. After becoming completely Vegan, I started being even more passionate about cooking delicious and healthy, plant-based meals for myself & my friends. This soon leads me to educate and promote fresh, nutritious, and sustainable cuisine.  Now, beyond the food & beauty products currently being developed through Vegan Nepal, I am authoring/photographing/designing my debut cookbook of recipes & creating visually stunning online films.

Our Services:

    1. Personal Chef: I offer this service for clients who want to try the taste of Nepal, something international or just simple soul food.
    2. Cooking classes: I offer cooking classes at Good Food Co-Op in summer and fall. If you are looking into a cooking class for team bonding, friends gathering, or just for fun,  Vegan Nepal will be your ultimate best option. I not only teach you cooking lessons but also educate you about different spices trick and recipes. I want to make sure that the time you have put in my cooking classes is worth it for you and your family.
    3. Special Events: Are you bored ordering the same dish over and over in your parties? Let’s eat something new and exciting during special events.

Would you like to know more about our work? Give us a call at 859-552-5861 or email at namaste@vegannepal.net