Namaste, I am Babita Shrestha. I am a chef, photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker. I grew up in Nepal but my love of visual arts brought me to study graphic design in the United States over a decade ago to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts and Minor in Photojournalism from St. Cloud State University, Minnesota.
After becoming completely Vegan in 2016, I started being even more passionate about cooking delicious and healthy, plant-based meals for myself & my friends. I started creating my own unique vegan recipes. This soon leads me to educate and promote fresh, nutritious, and sustainable cuisine. I am an ardent entrepreneur focused on plant-based enterprises that also promote & progress my cultural heritage through my company Vegan Nepal.
Climate Change is the result of our behavior in creating and buying things. Let’s think consciously and work on a healthy and sustainable lifestyle where eating a home-cooked meal is a common thing.
Currently, I am working on finishing my cookbook. 
Let’s keep in touch,