Beauty Hacks

Beauty Hack 02 : Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing is a natural way to take care of your skin. The concept is basically using clean oil to massage your skin, dissolving the oils with impurities that have hardened and are stuck in your pores.

I often have dry skin during winter because of the heater.  So I began oil cleansing in 2016 and realized over time it really does help my skin to stay soft and hydrated, brightening it, giving me a real glow daily.  Try massaging some on your eyebrows as well to give a full, natural look.  It helps with the growth by providing some much needed Vitamin E.

My usual oil cleansing routine generally consists of coconut oil, but you can certainly mix different oil blends, it’s really whatever suits your individual skin. Some of my favorite examples are pumpkin, olive, walnut, pistachio, sunflower, rose-hip, etc.

The best time is during a shower because the hot water & steam will open your pores, allowing the excess oil to be easily removed during the shower.  While in the shower,  massage your face in a circular motion from the cheeks down to the chin with 1 tea spoon of the oil,. Then, massage up & down the neck. Repeat for about 2 minutes, giving a little extra gentle circular motion massage where you see wrinkles. If you are afraid of getting slippery in the shower, you can also use a warm towel on top of your face after the oil massage. Clean your face properly with the towel to get rid of access oil. Your face will stay soft and moist all day.

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