The orange fruit is well-known for its health benefits and is among the most popular fruits all around the world. The antioxidants in oranges help protect skin from damage and aging. It is widely eaten in Nepal during winter as a snack, side during lunch, treat after dinner, or used as a key ingredient in salads and desserts. I love sunbathing on my patio garden on a sukul (woven mat) while enjoying sweet and delicious oranges. It is said that Vitamin C gets destroyed fast when exposed to air, so I eat my orange quickly once I peel the skin. They are juicy, tangy, and utterly mouth-watering.

Orange juice is an integral part of a healthy breakfast in western societies but in Nepal, we still have a culture of eating whole oranges. A whole orange is more nutritious and healthy than orange juice because of the fiber contained in it. 

Winter in Nepal starts in November. First comes the oranges from Beni which is located at the convergence of the Kali Gandaki and Myagdi River at an altitude of 899 meters. These oranges have smooth skin, are heavy, juicy, and tangy. I have tried many oranges from different parts of the world but these are my favorite oranges so far. Then we start getting oranges from Syangja around December. Syangja lies in the hilly region of Nepal at an altitude ranging from about 300 meters along the banks of the Kaligandaki river up to a couple of thousands of meters above sea level. Both only a few hours away from my current home in Pokhara Nepal.

I am not going to lie, I love both of them but I think oranges from Beni are special to me because there is a very short window of time to enjoy them. Oranges are usually Rs.100 – 150 per kilo which is around $1/kg. During winter I like to do fruit fasting because this is when oranges are in season, fresh, and cheap. It is also wonderful for our bodies to fast during this time of the year so it can detox from all the packaged junk food we may have been eating all year. Fruit detox is life-changing for a healthy immune system, bright skin, and renewed energy.


  1. High in Vitamin C that helps to build a healthy immune system.
  2. Lowers the risk of cancer.
  3. Prevents and fights the common cold. 
  4. Keeps the blood pressure and blood sugar under control.
  5. Alkalizes our body.
  6. Prevents skin illness and damage.
  7. Great for eye health.
  8. Support against constipation due to the high fiber.

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