“Plant-Based Dine-Out” | Episode 02

Little Windows | Pokhara, Nepal

Little Windows is a plant-based vegetarian and vegan restaurant located in lakeside, Pokhara Nepal almost on the corner of lakeside drive at halan chowk. Only a minute walk from the iconic Phewa Lake this asian, european fusion restaurant is a must visit while in the beautiful city of Pokhara.

This gem of a cafe is hip and casual with a real passion for plant-based food. The is restaurant divided into 3 levels, each with its own vibe. The first floor is basically a small coffee shop that is great for a quick coconut or soy cappuccino/latte. I really enjoy the second floor where I can lounge on the couch while eating my favorite vegan delicacies. It is full of plants and feels like a second home. The third floor is a party zone where you can enjoy movie nights or sports on the projector. On a clear day, you can also see a clear view of Machapuchhure Mountain on one side and the World Peace Pagoda on the other side. 

A few of my favorites off the menu;

Jhol Momo, aka the best vegan dumpling soup is world famous for its cold spicy vegetable broth with a strong flavor of lime, cilantro and soybean. The delicious steamed momo is filled with carrot, cabbage, onion, and spices then hand-wrapped. Jhol momo is served by dipping or immersing the dumplings into the spicy soup.

Little Window’s vegan pizza is unique because of the creamy homemade fresh cashew blend instead of cheese and crispy-thin handmade dough. Also, I love the fact that they add unusual seasonal vegetables (such as corn, mustard greens, spinach, cauliflower, green peas, etc) for toppings and even garnish with whole basil leaves.

Get excited for a treat because this tofu sizzler platter from Little Windows will blow your mind. Served steaming fajita style, the aroma fills the table with anticipation of wrapping a homemade tortilla around the tender grilled eggplant, juicy tofu, onion and capsicum on a bed of cabbage. Next comes dipping my creation into the well seasoned salsa with before eagerly devouring.

If you are around Lakeside Pokhara wondering where to find the best vegetarian and vegan food, Little Windows will soon be one of your new favorite spots. The chef, Shrawan is very creative designing the menu of plant based cuisine with a touch of nepali taste. I really enjoy the food like eating at home without doing the dishes. I love it.

While at Little Windows I decided to shoot the second episode of my YouTube series “Plant-Based Dine-Out“. The video is above, please check it out!

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