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Roti | Flat Bread

Let’s learn how to make soft homemade roti at home. Roti is a flatbread made out of wholewheat flour which is called atta. The difference between wholewheat and all-purpose roti is that roti made with whole wheat is soft and roti made with all-purpose flour is rubbery and chewy. I like to eat roti with...


Maas Ko Dal | Black Lentil Soup

Maas ko dal is also known as Kalo dal in Nepali. This is one of my favorite dal during winter season. I like the rich and thick texture of Kalo dal specially with tempered with jimbu (Himalayan herb). Tips Kalo dal goes amazing with white rice and pumpkin leaf curry if it is pumpkin season. ...


Aaloo bhujiya | Fried potatoes

Potato means aaloo in Nepali and we are all a huge fan of potato. Rice, dal, and aaloo bhujiya (fried potatoes) is one of my favorite dishes. It is delicious and very easy to make. You can find different types of potatoes in Nepal from different regions. Nepal also has some of the best potatoes...


Cucumber & Apple Salad

This might be the best salad you’ve ever had. Recently I have been experimenting tirelessly trying different salad recipes with various arrays of ingredients and dressings. Often making my own distinctive dressings with avocado, cilantro, cashew, and other invigorating ingredients depending on my current mood. I started adding salads in my diet more because they...


Avocado Toast

If you are bored of your regular avocado toast, here is a way to spice it up.