Potato: 4 medium sizes (1 lb)
Sunflower Oil: 3 tablespoon
Coconut Oil: 1 tablespoon
Cumin Seed: 1 teaspoon
Red Dried Chillies: 2
Salt: 1 teaspoon
Fresh Green Chillies: 2
Turmeric: ¼ teaspoon
Fresh Cilantro: ½ cup
Potato means aaloo in Nepali and we are all a huge fan of potato. Rice, dal, and aaloo bhujiya (fried potatoes) is one of my favorite dishes. It is delicious...


1.Wash potatoes, rub the dead skin out and make sure there is not any dirt left.
2.Cut the potatoes into thin pieces, making sure they aren’t too thick. The taste of potatoes is quite different depending on the size.
3.Heat a pan on medium-high and add oil. Once the oil is hot fry the cumin seeds and whole dried red chillies for a few seconds.
4.Add chopped potatoes, mix well and cover with a lid for 2 minutes.
5.Take the lid off and continue to fry the potatoes on medium heat. Stir it thoroughly and replace the lid again to cook for 2 minutes.
6.Mix the potatoes every other minute or so. This is the trick to get nicely roasted and crispy potatoes.
7.The fried potatoes will be ready in around 30 minutes. Once the potatoes are cooked, add salt and finely chopped fresh green chillies. Stir it for a minute and turn the stove off.
8.Garnish with some cilantro on top and the spicy aaloo ko bhujiya is ready.

Potato means aaloo in Nepali and we are all a huge fan of potato. Rice, dal, and aaloo bhujiya (fried potatoes) is one of my favorite dishes. It is delicious and very easy to make. You can find different types of potatoes in Nepal from different regions.

Nepal also has some of the best potatoes I have ever had and they are affordable. I enjoy making different recipes of potatoes like fried potatoes, baked potatoes, curry, fries, salad, etc. I can eat fried potatoes every day and have done that in my life as well. I am a total potato lover and I can eat fried potatoes literally every day. There are so many different ways to make fried potatoes but after cooking thousands of fried potatoes in my life, I am sharing my favorite kind with you. This recipe is very light, flavorful, and mouthwatering. Give it a try and share it with your loved ones. I am positive that they are going to love it.


  1. I like fried potatoes with just about anything but my go-to dish is rice, potato, saag and timur ko achaar. They also make great tacos, snacks, wraps, or even pizza topping. 
  2. I use mustard oil in Nepal but it might be difficult to find mustard oil in other parts of the world. In that case I would use sunflower & coconut oil.
  3. Spread the potatoes in the skillet so it will cook slowly on both sides. This also helps to dry out access water in the potatoes. 
  4. If you cook a lot of potatoes on top of each other they will become mushy instead of crispy and roasted, so choose a pan accordingly.