White Golden Potato - 3 medium size (350 gm)
Red Onion - 1 medium size (220 gm)
Green Chillies- 2 (spicy one)
Cilantro - 1/2 cup
Black Pepper - a pinch
Turmeric - 1/2 teaspoon
Salt -1/2 teaspoon
Chickpea Flour - 100 gm
Water - 1/2 cup or 10 oz.
Coconut oil - 400 ml or 1 cup
Always the main attraction of any party and an outstanding appetizer for every meal.


1.Wash your vegetable properly.
2.Thinly slice potatoes and onion.
3.Chop cilantro and green chillies.
4.Mix all of the above in a bowl, then add salt, black pepper, turmeric, chick pea flour and water.
5.Once the batter is mix well together, keep it aside for 5 minutes for fresh flavor.
6.Now, heat a pan and add coconut oil. Make sure you keep the heat in med. heat.
7.Once the oil is hot, make small balls of the mixed batter and slowly put them in the oil.
8.When the pakoras are brown on one side, flip them on the other side with the help of a strainer or tongs.
9.Once both sides look crispy and brown, take them out and place it on top of paper towel.
10.They are ready to serve.

Pakauda aka Pakora…. yum yum! Where should I start with this amazing dish? It is always the main attraction of any party and an outstanding appetizer for every meal. This is one of my favorite fried foods and very simple and easy to cook. I love, love, love this dish especially when it is raining. I don’t know why but it brings back a lot of memories from the past. It is extremely popular throughout Nepal and India, where you can find small food carts with different kinds of pakauda like potatoes, eggplant, onion, mix, etc.

There are many ways to make pakauda with many different types of flour but I will be teaching you one of my favorite ways today. The best way to eat pakauda is with homemade spicy tomato sauce and not ketchup.

Please feel free to use your choice of potatoes and make sure you put the salt as per you like as you know people have different taste. Oil can be hot so be careful while putting the veggies in the oil. Don’t throw them in the oil, instead slowly slide them so that the oil won’t spill.
You can mix the chick pea flour, all the spices and water separately in a bowl and mix all the ingredients. Now, make sure you put the water slowly because you want to make the batter thick so they can stick together when you are ready to fry them. If you put extra water, your mixture can be watery. In that case you can add more chick pea flour. Also, sometimes i use less oil just because I don’t want to waste the extra oil.

Paper towel helps soak extra oil.

1 cup = 12 oz.