Queen of Spices

Turmeric is known as the “Queen” of all spices and certainly rules over my pantry. It is known as “besar” in Nepali and is absolutely without doubt one of the most used spices in Nepali kitchen. I literally could not survive without turmeric in my life. It is my all-time go-to favorite magical herbal spice. I probably add it to every dish I make and since I do not use soya sauce, many my meals are turmeric yellow. Whether it is dal or curry or even fried snacks, you will find it in nearly every Nepali dish available. It has an amazing aroma and even more astounding flavor. It also adds a bright and golden color to the food that brightens my day like the sun.

When in Nepal I do my best to find fresh turmeric in the mill if possible, but when I can’t find it fresh I buy it from the local store. There are many different qualities of turmeric in the market so make sure to buy the high quality. It should be a darker orange and also the aroma will smell heavily of turmeric even from outside the packet.

Here are a few health benefits of Turmeric and why you must use this life-changing spice regularly in your life. 

Treats Arthritis
Helps Prevent Cancer
Treats Depression
Treats Alzheimer
Anti-Inflammatory Capacity
Treats Gastrointestinal Issues
Treats Lower Abdominal Pain
Natural Skin Brightening
Lowers the risk of heart diseases
Fried Rice
Ayurvedic Tea
Golden Latte

Here is my favorite way to cook Nepali Set with turmeric.

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